Welcome to 2022!

Congratulations to the following Northern Illawarra Zone Executive who were elected for 2022.

President – XXXX

Vice President – XXXX

Secretary – XXXX

Treasurer – XXXX

On behalf of the ISSSA Executive, I would like to thank you all for your continued support, commitment and dedication to Northern Illawarra Zone. Special thanks to all of our School Executive, Teachers, support staff for your ongoing support of school sport. This creates the pathway for many of our gifted and talented students in their chosen field. Many of these students go on to achieving great success.

Our teachers are dedicated in ensuring that this is done with much love and passion for sport. We are very lucky to have so many dedicated and committed teachers who give so freely of their own time and knowledge.

A very big thank you to all these teachers who give up so much of their own time to create opportunities for sport within your schools. Without you, these opportunities are not available to our students.




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